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We need your financial support to help get the word out to protect marriage and preserve the definition of traditional marriage. Special interest groups are gearing up to make this a national fight to legalize homosexual marriage with the support of hundreds of thousands of dollars from out of state money. It’s time to Protect Marriage, Oregon! Your donation will go directly to helping us preserve marriage in Oregon. Make your voice heard by donating today and ensuring that marriage will continue to be the union of a man and a woman.

Thank you for your generous support to protect traditional marriage. With your support, we are able to spread the word about why marriage matters and explain the many consequences of homosexual marriage.

The Political Tax Credit-Use It or Lose It

Oregon’s Political Tax Credit allows a married couple to contribute up to $100 (single taxpayers can contribute up to $50) to a qualified political committee, and then receive every penny back when they file their Oregon Tax return. This is not a deduction, but an actual dollar-for-dollar credit. It’s money you cannot give to a church or any other charity; it can only go to a qualified political organization like the Protect Marriage Oregon PAC.

The deadline is December 31. If you don’t respond by then, you will pay this same amount of money in state taxes instead.

Mail your political tax credit contribution to the Protect Marriage Oregon PAC or donate online before December 31. You will then receive the entire amount back on your Oregon tax return, up to $100 for married couples or $50 for single tax filers. Naturally, you must be a taxpayer to take advantage of this opportunity.

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