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Protect Marriage Oregon is a broad coalition of Oregonians dedicated to preserving marriage as a union between one man and one woman through educating policy makers, faith leaders, community groups and individuals through research-based resources.

Consequences for Same-sex Marriage:

In the seventeen states that have redefined marriage to include same-sex couples, we have seen a multitude of consequences that harm families, children, religious groups and society as a whole. Here are just a few examples of the outcomes that same-sex marriage will lead to:

1. Education. Because public policy will define same-sex marriage equivalent to natural marriage, the state will have an obligation to teach children about homosexuality in schools.

2. Marriage. A married couple will no longer be referred to as husband and wife but as “Party A” or “Party B”.

3. Religious liberties. Religious exemptions will only protect churches from being required to hold same-sex ceremonies. Government leaders, business owners, and religious organizations will be forced to compromise their beliefs or risk a potential lawsuit.

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